*PREORDER* Rhinestone Fishnet Bodystocking

*PREORDER* Rhinestone Fishnet Bodystocking

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This item is currently available for preorder. Please view our pre-orders page for questions or concerns about preorders. 

Estimated production will start March 1st, 2024 & once the shipment reaches our warehouse, orders will then be shipped out. This could take a estimated 1-4 weeks.

One size fishnet rhinestone exotic dancewear body stocking.

Options to add bell bottoms/ankle cuffs to the bottom of your rhinestone bodystocking is available.

NOTE: If you purchase with bell bottoms added, then your order will be subject to the handmade processing time of 1-7 business days & will therefore NOT be ready to ship.

Polyester, Cotton & Spandex Material

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water. Hang dry.

Spiritual Meaning Behind The Color Black:

Black is the color of protection, banishing, grounding, and safety. Wear and work with black to reestablish boundaries, protect your energy, banish negative energy, and ground down into more security and safety. 🖤

Spiritual Meaning Behind The Color Red:

Red is the color of passion, sexuality, courage, & the fire element. Work with red when you want to channel the energy of fire, such as when you’re working on a new creative project, when you’re with your romantic partner or when you need an extra dose of bravery & confidence. ❤️‍🔥


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